RGGEDU Rob Grimm静物食物美食菜谱摄影技巧与后期中文字幕

RGGEDU Rob Grimm静物食物美食菜谱摄影技巧与后期中文字幕


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这篇社论食品摄影指南是一个全面审视建设一个引人注目的食物组合,提高粮食的造型技巧,理解的成分复杂,各具特色你的光,以满足您的视觉,以及如何吸引新客户,赢得更大的就业机会的必要步骤。我们已经打破这些概念,并迎合上档,照明,前期制作,后期加工的部分,以专门用于编辑市场。通过本课程结束后,摄影师在任何级别将获得:有更深的了解行业最佳实践,跨设备的所有价位,对于任何方案照明知识,食物造型更好的方法了更多的知识,最重要的是构图。一步一步的后期制作在Adobe CameraRAW中,捕获一8和Photoshop已包含在照片拍摄以及。如果你正在寻找把你的食物摄影的质量到另一个层次,这是最完美的食物摄影教程为你。

  • Video language: English + Chinese subtitles
  • Video duration: 15:10:12
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080
  • File size: 21.7gb
  • Original exercise document attached

This editorial food photography guide is a comprehensive look at building an eye-catching food mix, improving food styling skills, understanding the ingredients of complex, distinctive your light to meet your vision, and how to attract new customers and win greater employment opportunities. We have broken these concepts and cater to upscale, lighting, pre production, post-processing parts to specifically use for editing the market. By the end of this course, photographers at any level will gain: a deeper understanding of industry best practices, across all prices of equipment, knowledge of lighting for any scheme, better methods of food modeling, more knowledge, and most importantly, composition. Step by step post production in Adobe cameraraw, capture a 8 and Photoshop has been included in photo taking as well. If you are looking to take the quality of your food photography to another level, this is the perfect food photography tutorial for you.

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